Story of Chickens

Damn, I was lack of experience. Few hours ago, there was a sweet girl sit right there, not so far from me. She wears glasses, and I think she is cute. She wears nice outfit. Nice enough to be recognized by me.

I told my friend that she is cute, and he couldn’t agree more. He is also single at that time. So we thought that we must know her. He said to me that somehow her face is familiar. And I just thought (and still) that she is cute, and I want my wife to be cute like her. Well it should not her of course.

I’ll skip to the end of the story. So in the end, she was no longer sit, she stood up and went outside. Power of fear (which is a thing) works. I and my friend took a little time, looked each other, and it was decided. Now or chicken. So we got up, and followed her. But she was gone. That starless night couldnt be worse. We are chickens. But at least we prove that we can get up from our chair, and follow her otuside. Stalker chickens.

I know my writing isnt good, not even at average. So much error in grammar. Big apologize. I just want to finish this as fast as I can and go to sleep. I have class tomorrow at 7 am. And this is almost 2 am. Pray for me. Um, after my second thought, pray is not necessary. I mean, it does not like you will read this at the day this post is published. The class surely have finished.


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