Membuat Majalah

Hello, there. I am so amped right now. And so excited. I just got a group task to make a magazine. This task is given as a final project from a magazine division in my campus community. The community’s member are students who take an electrical engineering major here. In my language, it is called HME (Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektroteknik) or by rough-translation it will be Electrical Engineering Student Community. And the division is called Elektron. This division’s purpose is to spread the electrical engineering related news to others. And they focus to use print media as magazine.

I am one of twenty people that past the previous elimination phase. We are called Cakru (calon kru) or Crew Candidates in English. We must finish this project by 27 Sept, or 3 weeks at most. Each group consist of 5 people. Myself, Gigan, Doti, Donny and Nydia as the only girl.

There are some specification that we must note to. The magazine must have these 10 points:

  1. National Geographic-like Tourism photo
  2. Culinary
  3. Public Figure Corner
  4. Lecturer Corner
  5. Short Story
  6. Article about communication
  7. Indonesian Culture
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Book and Film Review
  10. Music and Games Page

And after 3 weeks, we must collect it in the form of magazine and the soft copy as well. In the middle of our daily activity, that vary for each of us, it is not an easy task. We must take it seriously. And we must try not to be deadline-er. A little progress each day is more effective than postpone and wait for adrenaline rush to take place.

PS: I know the title is in Bahasa and the body is in English, but i dont mind. This is my blog. Hussh.


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