Here is some sillouethe from my close friend with their lovers.

Very happy for each of them, and hope they can be a partner in sadness, hapiness, and a partner to seek God.

andrewI know the man, and I know how happy he is now. His guitar technique improve rapidly because he want to sing with the girl. And he said to me “Everyday I can meet her. Everyday man, damn it. I’m so excited. God’s way is the best”agungThis boy, pure heart, humourist, generous, humble, great great pianist who found great great pianist too, which make a great great couple. And as someone who share the same family name, I say, “Good job, man.”

garyI only know the boy, again. Strong, firm, wild. But the girl tame him. Their love can reveal the other side of him. He was a boy with a focus in his body appearance, but, when he meet her, he became a little bloated. Haha. In a good way of course.

That’s for now. Hope to see them in all white gown and black tuxedo. In two or three or four years later. Don’t forget to invite me fellas. And give me a plus one, because I wont come alone 🙂

and, before we end this. This is mine. I don’t want to search again. I want to keep this one. I dont choose her carelessly. Now, the first step is done. We must set our sail. The journey is still far far away from here. We want to build our city together, brick by brick. In sadness, happiness, and all other -ness. God help us. I love her. Amen.



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