Something New

Hey there, life happens. I was here and there for the last couple of months. It was February when I wrote the last post, right. I was searching for a scholarship back then, and here I am, thanking God, proudly say that I got it, but not as much as I dreamed of, but it’s more than enough. Apparently, I did not meet my goal, to be parent’s-funded-free. But, hey, there are doors whose not closed yet. And I am going there! Wait for my next surprise yeah. I’ll be going abroad in September, for the record, and I am learning France. Très bon pour moi, huh?

And my right brain is well-trained too, I have been exercising it a lot. And yet my left, is still fully operating because I am memorizing the Spirit of Prophecy paragraph bro! Yeah, and it looks like I am enjoying it, because the word is very poetic, yet so powerful for my spiritual aspect. You should try it too. Search for Adventist Home page 180.2 –> second paragraph. Enough for the catching up part, and let’s move on. So…. what are we gonna do today?

I want to share something that you maybe don’t know until now, that you should do many things in your 20’s. right, I am in my 20’s myself, and not authorized yet to give some bla bla bla for those who are 20’s. But, let me put it this way. We are a social being. I can’t do something alone, even I need someone to make me a toilet when I want to go pee in a building, and I need someone who plant a tree first, when I want to pee outside. So, why can’t we give each other a friendly suggestion to live with.

You should do something new today. And tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. You should find, search, make, do, learn, or any other verbs available, something new every day. Because God want you to get up this morning, it means that you have something to do for Him today, don’t you?

I was graduated majoring in electrical subject at college. But, sure I don’t want to grow old as an college-level-electrician. I want more. I need more. I want to meet people not only for fixing his electrical junk, but for something greater.

Do something you were afraid to do, today, but in a positive way. I was afraid to greet random people, but not so much now. Maybe the fear is only in your mind. Go! Now! Your greatest weakness is yourself.

I learnt a term called “Bucked List”, it is a list of things you want to be done, named like that because it was inspired that you can kick the bucket when it is done. It’s like “Punch List” in the term of construction. Do you want to see something majestic from the summit of a mountain later in your years? Put it to the list. Do you find yourself wanted to help kids, to see someone smiling because of you, or do you secretly want a road named after you? You can’t just dream and wait for something happen and someone will work your dream for you. You must climb the ladder yourself.

It’s because Steve Jobs take a typography class that Apple have this simple yet beautiful font. It’s because he instructed himself to learn something new, daily.

So, get up, and start searching for something new, some fresh ideas, out-of-the-box activity, that you can do. Don’t call it a day until you are satisfied enough that your day is not wasted. Do something for the poor kid in the block, learn something while watching the sound of nature, let your mind flows by the beauty of the orange sky this evening. Let you be like a kid, curious about every little things. Ask something. Learn something new.

Here are some ideas from me.

  1. Take a dictionary, open up, and choose random word, make a speech about that for 1 minute.
  2. Give up caffeine/sugar for a week.
  3. Make a video of yourself singing, or reading poem.
  4. Ask a random person to pray.
  5. Call your old-friend that you haven’t contact for years.
  6. Read your Bible today.

The ideas is coming to you right? Write it down, and let me know, and do it. Get yourself something new today, and I hope that someday it will save your life or someone else’s.

Bonne journée!


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