Theory of Number Relativity


Number and the theory of relativity. I think number are relative to, just like time that Einstein found out. Big number doesn’t always make it good, small number also is not auto-interchangeable with a specific adjective.

Let’s see a number, 1. One is good if we are discussing it in a race context. But, 1 o’clock in the morning is bad for your health if you do not sleep already.

7. 7 Billion people are many. Too many. a 7 Billion is a lot if you add poundsterling as an affix, but if you add another monetary currency, it will decrease its meaning.

81 or 51 is the rank. Some people says it is the best choice. I do realize that today, yes, it is one of the best choice in its category.

777 is the sum of applicant that passes the administration selection. And there are 12 names that I knew personally. There is 1 person that blood related to me. And of all 777 people, only 1 person I must defeat.


I am my long time rival. I was the one who make myself today. What I choose in the last part of my life is the reason why things happen like this for me. I was guilt in many cases, but I am blessed in a great way too.

I don’t trust me. Sometimes he disappoints me. Sometimes he lies to me. I need an outer strength, an external wisdom. I need Him. He is the one and only who can lead me through dark, foggy and cloudy days in front of me. His guidance is what I longing for.

777 is a big number. Even 1 (me) is a big problem. But 1 plus the first and the last “1” in this universe, can be more than 2.

Number is relative.

“The knowledge of the holy is understanding; Acquaint now thyself with Him” – Education 1